What is the number system?

  • The number system can be defined as the language of a number.
  • In digital electronics, the number system used for representing the information.

In digital electronics the number system are two types:

  1. Positional number system 
  2. Non-Positional number system 

Positional number system 

A Positional number system known as “weighted number”. It is the number system in which each position has some weight.           

The weighted number system is:

  • Binary Number System.
  • Decimal Number System.
  • Octal Number System.
  • Hexa Decimal Number System.

The Weighted number are classified based on Radix or Base value.
Let the number is ‘x‘ and the radix or base is ‘r,’ then the number is represented as (x)r.

NOTE: Depending upon the value of “r,” we decide the type of number system of “x.”