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Digital electronics

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Quiz Championship

Name Email The software used to drive microprocessor-based systems is called firmware machine language code BASIC interpreter instructions assembly language Convert the fractional decimal number 6.75 to binary. 0111.1100...

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C Programming

Name Email 1.  What is the output of the following program? #include void f() { static int i; ++i; printf("%d", i); } main() { f(); f(); f(); } 123 111 121 122 2.  “Stderr” is a standard error. Standard error streams...

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Combinational Logic

If the inputs to a full adder are A=1, B=0, CIN=1 what will be the logic states on the outputs S and COUT? S=0 COUT=0 S=0 COUT=1 S=1 COUT=0 S=1 COUT=1 What is the main purpose of the Ripple Blanking facility on some decoder ICs?...

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