Which of the following oscillators is suitable for frequencies in the range of megahertz?

In a half-wave rectifier, if an a.c supply is 60 Hz. Then what is the a.c ripple at the output?

The ac output voltage vac is

To protect the diodes in a rectifier and capacitor input filter circuit it is necessary to use

The load impedance ZL of a CE amplifier has R and L in series. The phase difference between output and input will be

In a BJT circuit, a PNP transistor is replaced by an NPN transistor. To analyze the new circuit

For common emitter input characteristics  is 6V and  is changed from 0.32 to 0.8V also base current changes from 40μA to 60μA, then by using the given data calculate the input impedance (in KΩ ) kept  constant.

To prevent a DC return between source and load, it is necessary to use

In a 741 Op-Amp, there is 20 dB/decade fall-off starting at a relatively low frequency. This is due to the

For a base current of 10 μA, what is the value of collector current in common emitter if βdc = 100