Which of the following transistor(s) has (have) depletion and enhancement types?

For a FET when will maximum current flows?

The Shockley equation is __________________

For an n-channel FET, What is the direction of the current flow?

For VGS = 0 V, the drain current becomes constant when VDS exceeds ………

Which of the following statement is true about FET?

 The pinch-off voltage of a JFET is about ……….

A certain D-MOSFET is biased at VGS = 0 V. Its datasheet specifies IDSS = 20mA and VGS(off)  = -5 V. The value of the drain current is 

The transconductance of a JFET ranges from ……………..

Which of the following represent(s) the cutoff region for a FET?